4th Editorial Board of The Gate

HaleySHaley Schwab is a graduating third-year majoring in Geographical Studies interested in the intersection of urban education policy and community development. This summer, Haley was a research intern for the New Tech Network, an education consulting group. She took a year off after graduating high school to pursue a professional horse show jumping career, which culminated in winning the 2013 Grand Prix Rookie of the Year award.

LizSLiz Stark is a fourth year Political Science and Gender Studies double-major. This past summer, Liz interned with the ABC News Pennsylvania Avenue Unit, covering the White House and Congress. Previously, Liz has worked for the White House Office of Communications and MSNBC. On campus, Liz is the Communications Chair of the IOP Student Advisory Board and a member of the Women in Public Service Program.

HamzaSHamza Shad is a fourth-year Political Science and Economics double-major interested in international relations, comparative politics, and foreign policy. This summer, he interned at the Stimson Center and edited their publication, South Asian Voices. He is also a research assistant at the Chicago Project on Security and Terrorism and a member of the South Asian Music Ensemble on campus.

Danielle_headshotDanielle Schmidt is a second-year prospective Public Policy and Philosophy double major and Human Rights minor. During her summers, Danielle fosters animals, trains horses, volunteers at a therapeutic riding center, and works as a campaign field trainer for an Illinois state representative. On campus, she volunteers for New Americans and plays French horn in the University Wind Ensemble.

Felicia_headshotFelicia Woron is a fourth-year Political Science and Spanish major interested in international relations, security, and foreign policy. During the past year, she studied for a semester at a university in Chile. On campus, she does research at the Chicago Project on Security and Terrorism and plays violin in the University Symphony Orchestra.

Julian_headshotJulian Duggan is a third-year interested in international human rights—particularly the development of the third world and environmental conservation. This summer, he researched international democratization at the Brookings Institution’s foreign policy division. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, philosophy classes, and jogging along the Lakefront

KLancasterKirk Lancaster is a third year studying Chemistry. This summer he worked in a spectroscopy laboratory in Chicago, and he previously studied abroad for one year at the Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies in Beijing. In Chicago, he enjoys training with his Cross Country teammates and learning about the city’s history.

Kaeli_headshotKaeli Subberwal is a second-year physics major interested in astrophysics and science policy. Over the summer, Kaeli interned and wrote a column for her local newspaper. On campus, she volunteers for the Neighborhood Schools Program and is a member of the Society of Women in Physics. In her spare time, Kaeli enjoys hiking and traveling with her family.


Adam_headshotAdam Chan is a second-year Fundamentals and Economics double major, interested in history, political philosophy and international relations. This summer he was a research intern at the R Street Institute, a policy think tank in DC and previously externed at the Department of the Interior. On campus, Adam is a member of the Chicago Debate Society and College Republicans. He enjoys running in Hyde Park, reading history books and all-you-can-eat buffets.

Asya_headshotAsya Akca is a third-year Political Science major interested in international relations and comparative politics. On campus, she is a research assistant at the Chicago Project on Security and Terrorism and the co-leader of the Monumental Women Project. This summer, Asya interned at the US Consulate in Stockholm  and worked on a independent project interviewing Syrian refugees relocated in Sweden.

Riddhi_headshotRiddhi Sangam is a second-year Economics and Public Policy double-major. This summer, she was a Marketing Intern for a start-up specializing in predictive analytics. On campus, she is a member of the Women in Public Service Program and is involved with programming at the IOP. Riddhi also enjoys reading, writing, and visiting new restaurants in Chicago.


Dylan_headshotDylan Wells is a second-year Political Science or Global Studies major interested in international relations and current affairs. This summer, Dylan interned at the Institute of Politics as the Summer Programs intern and for POLITICO at the Democratic National Convention. On campus, she is the IOP Events Intern and the Marketing and PR chair for TEDxUChicago.

Malloy_headshotMalloy Owen is a third-year majoring in philosophy and Fundamentals; his primary interests at the moment are classical political theory and reactions to Enlightenment political thought. This summer he interned at
The American Conservative magazine; in Chicago he teaches seventh-grade history through the Neighborhood Schools Program and enjoys playing sports on the Midway at night.

Maheema_headshotMaheema Haque is a 4th year Economics major and Human Rights minor, interested in the intersection between the two areas. This summer, she interned as a research assistant at the Urban Education Institute. On campus, she is involved in a cappella, dance, and PARR. In her spare time, she enjoys finding new places to eat around Chicago.

Jacob_headshotJacob Toner Gosselin is a second year economics and statistics major interested in health policy and international relations. This past summer, he served as an intern at Kaiser Family Foundation, analyzing premium increases and narrow networks on the exchange. During the school year, he enjoys running on the varsity Cross Country and Track teams, as well as exploring the city.

Evan_headshotEvan Eschliman is a graduating third-year majoring in Public Policy with a Biology minor and is especially interested in how globalization influences policies, perceptions, and treatments concerning mental health. This past summer he researched psycho-oncology health systems and outreach in Nigeria. In Chicago he works in a social neuroscience lab, plays oboe in the University Symphony Orchestra, and craves chips and salsa.


Patricia van Hissenhoven is a third year international student from Colombia studying Sociology and Philosophy. This summer she worked for Colombian television show of politics and current events. She is interested in issues of justice, specially transitional justice, and political culture, and Latin American politics. On campus, she works at a psychology lab that studies the effect of bilingualism on behavior. Patricia enjoys cooking for friends and  listening to music.


Atticus Ballesteros, Kai Yan Chan, Will Cohen, Oliver Dames-Longworth, Nicholas Duffee, Yarra Elmasry, Matthew Foldi, Gabriel Goodspeed, Xiaohe Grace Gu, Ashton Hashemipour, Kate Healy, Eleanor Khirallah, Ridgley Knapp, Tim Koenning, Nicholas Macius, Andrew Mamo, Caitlin Moroney, Shae Omonijo, Hanna Pfeiffer, Alexandra C. Price, Nick Romanoff, Antonia Stefanescu, Saisha Talwar, Aman Tiku, Jonah Ullendorff, Sarah Wasik, and Josh Zakharov


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