6th Editorial Board of the Gate


Kaeli Subberwal is a fourth-year majoring in political science and minoring in physics. She has spent her summers working in local journalism at the Summit Daily News and national journalism at HuffPost, and doing archival research through the College Summer Institute in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. In her free time, Kaeli enjoys reading, hiking in the Rocky Mountains, and doing crossword puzzles instead of studying.

Sarah Wasik  is a fourth-year double majoring in Public Policy and Philosophy. She has spent her summers working campaigns and interning at both the state and federal levels of government. When she isn’t writing, reading, or learning more about policy and politics, she is probably running up and down the lakefront path or spending time with friends. 

Managing Editor

Riddhi Sangam is a fourth-year majoring in Economics and minoring in Creative Writing. This past summer, she worked in investment banking at BNP Paribas in New York. On campus, Riddhi is also involved with the Women in Public Service Program. In her spare time, Riddhi enjoys reading, writing, and researching restaurant menus as a form of procrastination.

U.S. Editor

Mariana Paez is a second-year Economics and Political Science double-major, interested in journalism, economic reform, social issues, and international development. This past summer, she worked at Voto Latino, a D.C.-based nonprofit that advocates for voter education and registration, immigrant rights, and social justice. In her free time, she enjoys exploring the city with friends, seeing movies at Doc Films, and going to cafes.

Chicago Editor

Alia Shahzad is a second-year majoring in a currently undetermined social science. She's Institute Chair of the IOP's Women in Public Service Program, an assistant projectionist at Doc Films, and served as Fellows Ambassador for journalist-author Dawn Turner last year. Over the summer, she interned at London-based public policy platform Apolitical researching gender-based public procurement and sexual health curricula. She enjoys hiking Illinois' national parks and the thought and occasional action of writing creatively. 

World Editors

Ashton Hashemipour is a third year majoring in Political Science and Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations. Last summer, he interned in the Public Policy and Regulation division of Holland & Knight, a law and lobbying firm. Previously, he interned at Rep. Robin Kelly’s (D-IL) office. Outside of the Gate, Ashton chairs a committee for the university’s annual Model UN conference and is the Communications Chair for New Americans. In his spare time, he enjoys arguing with Aman, one of The Gate's Opinions Editors, about the legacy of Kobe Bryant and the Mamba Mentality, challenging his friends in basketball and FIFA, and discussing Iranian history from 1921 to the modern day. 

Noa Levin is a second-year Political Science major and Human Rights minor from New York. On campus, Noa works as a research assistant for Professor Paul Staniland and is a Research Director for the Maroon Project on Security and Threats (MPOST). She has previously served as a Policy Research Lead for Neal Salés-Griffin’s campaign for Mayor of Chicago and as a Publicity Intern at Bloomsbury USA. This coming summer, she will be working at the U.S. Department of State. In her free time, Noa enjoys watching Seinfeld and bullet journaling.

Interviews Editor

Claire Cappaert is a second-year majoring in Public Policy and (maybe) Russian & East European Studies. This past summer, she interned for Alderman Michele Smith and, as part of the Milgrom Social Justice Fellowship, worked at a non-profit that provides literacy programming to homeless youth. On campus, Claire is on the board of EUChicago and is part of NSP. She enjoys drinking excessive amounts of coffee and tea, exploring Chicago, and being near the lake.

University Editor

Molly McCammon is a second year double majoring in Public Policy and Sociology. This past summer, she interned in the South Asia program at the DC-based Hudson Institute and spent 8 weeks in Morocco studying Arabic on a FLAG grant. On campus, she helps facilitate ESL classes and tutoring for Syrian refugees living in Hyde Park and is a Data Research Assistant at the Chicago Project on Security and Threats. Molly enjoys cross country skiing, running, and baking excessive amounts of baklava. 

Opinion Editors

Aman Tiku is a third-year majoring in history and political science. Last summer, Aman interned at Calvert Impact Capital, a non-profit impact investment firm. In addition to serving as The Gate's Opinion Editor, Aman writes a column on the Asia-Pacific region that he began in his second year. He also studied abroad in Paris in the fall of 2017 and is a Data Research Assistant at the Chicago Project on Security and Threats. In his spare time, Aman enjoys socializing with his college house and getting into heated debates over sports topics, like debating Kobe vs. LeBron with Ashton, one of The Gate's World Editors.

Santi Ruiz is a fourth-year Political Science major.  This summer, he worked at Airwars, an NGO which tracks civilian casualties from airstrikes in Syria, Iraq, and Libya, and he is currently working on a BA thesis which addresses how domestic audiences respond to airstrikes abroad.  In the past, he has worked as a congressional intern for Congressman Jeff Fortenberry (and at UChicago's Center for Practical Wisdom.  On campus, Santi is a member of the club soccer team and the president of the Themis Society.  He also coaches for South Side Fire FC, a local nonprofit soccer team for kids on the South Side.  In his free time, Santi enjoys cooking, rock climbing, and overusing Twitter.

Senior Writers

Brett Barbin is a fourth-year Public Policy and Political Science double-major, interested in American history, geography, and political rhetoric. This summer, he worked in the investigative division of the Public Defender Service for DC and previously served as the Deputy Political Director for Senator Mark Kirk’s re-election campaign. On campus, Brett is the president of College Republicans, the vice president of the Political Union, and a College Council representative. He enjoys walking Chicago, collecting books, and reading way too much into public opinion polls.

Richard Omoniyi-Shoyoola is a rising fourth year in the University of Chicago studying Political Science. He has served as an Intern in the Office of U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill, as a Complaint Counselor for the ACLU of Missouri, and as an Investigations Intern for the Law Office of The Cook County Public Defender. All of these experiences have taught him that everybody deserves an advocate, and that being cynical is overrated.

Alexandra Price is a third-year History and Russian Eastern European Studies double major particularly interested in the Cold War and modern developments in the former Eastern Bloc. As the 2016 recipient of the Gate's annual Reporting Grant, she spent a summer in Germany reporting on refugee integration in Berlin. When she's not writing for the Gate, Alexandra loves to study foreign languages, read, and take long bike rides around the city.

Valerie Zhu is a second-year student, double majoring in Political Science and Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations. Currently serving as the Chief Coordinator of The Peacebuilding Project at UChicago, she is interested in global conflict resolution and spent the past summer in Jerusalem studying the narratives and the issues of coexistence inside the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Sam Owens is a second-year Economics major. This past summer, he worked at the Immune Deficiency Foundation, a patient advocacy group for individuals with primary immune deficiencies. On campus, he is communications director for the College Republicans, volunteers for New Americans, and participates in the Writer's Workshop. 

Chase Gardner is a second-year Environmental and Urban Studies major and Statistics minor. He has interned at ActionStreamer, a tech startup in Cincinnati, and CinemaSol, a documentary film production company. On campus, Chase runs for the Varsity Cross Country and Track teams. In free moments, he enjoys impromptu guitar/synth jam-sessions and watching existentially angsty movies.

Jake Biderman is a second year prospective Political Science and Global Studies major, interested in law, politics, and international relations. Last summer, he served as an editorial intern with Moment Magazine in Washington, D.C. In his spare time, he enjoys learning foreign languages, exercising, and worrying about the future of American politics.

Lucy Ritzmann is a second year student majoring in Law, Letters & Society and Political Science and minoring in Creative Writing. In addition to writing for The Gate, she is the Speaker Series Content Intern at the IOP and a contributing writer for the UChicago Undergraduate Law Magazine. 

Chief Copy Editors

Lucy Johnson is a fourth-year Political Science and Fundamentals major interested in civic republicanism, reactionary political philosophy, and Russian literature. This summer, she interned at a law office in Wisconsin; in Chicago she works as an editorial assistant at the University of Chicago Press and does improv with Occam’s Razor.

Emily Lynch is a third year studying English and Political Science. She spent this past summer working for a reproductive justice nonprofit in Brooklyn, and on campus she's involved in University Theater and Sliced Bread Literary Magazine.


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