9th Editorial Board of the Gate


Ronan O'Callaghan has always been passionate about history, writing, and politics, and his experience at the IOP has allowed him to further explore the intersection of these subjects. He began at the IOP through joining the Gate as a junior writer in Fall 2020 and became co-Editor-in-Chief in Spring of 2021. Outside of writing about politics for the Gate, he has an interest in creative writing.

Molly Morrow is a third-year English Language and Literature major and Human Rights minor, with an interest in politics and arts journalism. Previously a staff writer and the Chicago section editor, Molly is serving on the executive board as co-Editor-in-Chief. Outside of the IOP, Molly also works as the Student Managing Editor of the College Editorial Team. In her free time, she enjoys thrifting, photography, and trying new coffee shops.

Managing Editor

Emma Burstiner 

U.S. Editors

Emily Grant is a fourth-year Political Science major enrolled in the BA/MA program in International Relations. She is an alumna of The Gate's Junior Writers Program and this is her second year as the Opinions section editor. Emily is also co-director of the Society for International Relations and a Resident Assistant at Woodward House in Max Palevsky Central. In her free time, Emily enjoys reading the news, watching political dramas, and learning languages.

Chicago Editor

Francesco Rahe is a second-year majoring in Fundamentals and NELC. His past journalism experience includes interning for the Illinois Policy Institute and working on a long-form piece about political dialogue on UChicago's campus. At the IOP, he has participated in Spectrum, the Bridging the Divide program, the Pritzker Fellows Ambassadors Program, and a summer polling internship. Francesco's interests aside from politics include creative writing, reading novels, and learning languages. He is looking forward to spotlighting news stories about events across Chicago and downstate Illinois this year.

World Editor

Olafur Oddsson Cricco is a fourth year double major in Economics and Law, Letters and Society. He started his career at the Gate as a Junior Writer interested in nuclear energy, and has since covered a variety of topics from election reform to the child tax credit. In addition to his activities at the Gate, Olafur competes on the university’s varsity cross country and track and field teams. He spent this past summer interning at an energy security think tank in Washington, D.C.

Interviews Editor

Nina Iyer is a third-year Economics spec. Data Science major and Human Rights minor. he has been writing for the Gate since the beginning of her freshman year, and is excited to be managing the Interview Section now after serving as a Senior Writer last year. Outside of class, she is the Co-director of Education for the Socially Responsible Investing Group and has enjoyed working closely with the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship. She loves painting and following Formula 1 in her free time!

University Editor

Chelsea Seifer is a third-year studying Political Science and Health and Society from Santa Monica, California. Outside of The Gate, she works on events planning for the Careers in law office and is a member of Pi Beta Phi sorority. She has interned at the New Orleans Public Defenders office and in her free time, she enjoys speeding on Lake Shore Drive, buying plants that die in her Max P suite, and going to jazz clubs.

Opinion Editor

Teddy Foley is a rising sophomore majoring in Computational and Applied Mathematics and Fundamentals. In addition to The Gate, he is involved on campus in the Institute of Politics through the Fellows Ambassador program and serves as a mentor for the community service RSO MoneyThink. During the past year, he performed research for the Parrhesia Program for Public Discourse on historical issues of free expression on college campuses. In his free time, Teddy enjoys hiking and playing soccer and chess.


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