Citizen Bulletin: Historic Consent Decree Passed & Other News in Chicago Politics

 /  Feb. 4, 2019, 11:14 p.m.

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The Citizen Bulletin’s news highlights from this week include: Mayor Rahm Emanuel obtained approval from a federal judge for Chicago’s consent decree; Governor JB Pritzker declared a state of emergency due to the historic cold snap; and  President Trump suspended the INF treaty with Russia that had been in place since 1987.

Chicago City Government

Alderman Leslie Hairston (5th Ward) ~ call your alderman! (773) 324-5555

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Alderman Willie Cochran (20th Ward) ~ call your alderman! (773) 955-5610   

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Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) ~ call your mayor! (312) 744-3300

  • Jan 30 -- Used emergency powers to force landlords to repair broken heating systems amidst record-low temperatures

  • Feb 1 -- Obtained approval from a federal judge for Chicago’s consent decree, which brings reform to the Chicago Police Department ; an independent monitor will be appointed to ensure it is implemented smoothly

Cook County Board

President Toni Preckwinkle ~ call your Cook County board president! (312) 603-6400

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Illinois State Government

Representative Curtis Tarver (D–District 25) ~ call your state rep!

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Senator Robert Peters (D–District 13) ~ call your state senator!

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Governor JB Pritzker (D–IL) ~ call your governor!

  • Jan 29 -- Declared a state of emergency as temperatures fell to record lows mid-week

  • Jan 31 -- Appointed new leaders for two state agencies whose purview includes the Quincy veterans home

  • Jan 31 -- Filled 5 vacant positions on the University of Illinois board with his appointees

  • Feb 1 -- Signed an executive order emphasizing state Health Department HIV prevention efforts

  • Feb 2 -- Announced that, in addition to raising the minimum wage, balancing the budget will be a top priority; this may be difficult to achieve without significant changes given Pritzker’s spending commitments

US Federal Government

Representative Bobby Rush (D–IL1) ~ call your representative! (773) 779-2400

Senator Tammy Duckworth (D–IL) ~ call your senator! (312) 886-3506

  • Jan 28 -- Joined 29 other Senators in a bipartisan letter urging the U.S. Office of Personnel Management to provide federal employees with back pay as soon as possible

  • Jan 29 -- Introduced, along with Senator Tom Carper (D-DE), the EPA Special Hiring Authority Transparency Act which would increase transparency in EPA hiring and salary raises

  • Jan 31 -- Voted with the majority of the senate to advance legislation that expresses disapproval of President Trump’s decision to remove military forces from Syria and Afghanistan

Senator Richard Durbin (D–IL) ~ call your senator! (312) 353-4952

  • Jan 31 -- Introduced legislation to increase storage security requirements for federally-licensed gun dealers

  • Feb 1 -- Penned an article in USA Today extolling the promise of Venezuela’s opposition government

  • Feb 1 -- Introduced legislation attempting to disincentivize prescription drug price spikes

President Donald Trump (R) ~ call your president! (202) 456-1414

  • Jan 31 -- Signed an executive order to strengthen “Buy American” requirements on infrastructure projects

  • Feb 2 -- Suspended the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces treaty amidst a diplomatic stand-off with Russia; the INF treaty has prohibited nuclear-tipped cruise missiles on the European continent since 1987

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