A Voter's Guide to the Republican Attorney General's Race

 /  March 6, 2018, 9:15 p.m.


During primary elections on March 20, Republican voters in Illinois will choose between two candidates who are running for Attorney General. Since the position is such an important one for Illinois’ legal system, it is crucial that voters understand and evaluate the platforms of the candidates who are running.

Why you should care

The role of Attorney General is the highest legal position in the State of Illinois, responsible for providing legal counsel to the Governor of Illinois and the Illinois General Assembly. Additionally, the Attorney General advocates for citizens’ legal rights—for example, current Attorney General Lisa Madigan leads several initiatives to increase women’s advocacy, especially in cases of sexual assault or domestic violence—and prosecutes campaign finance complaints. Thus, it is important that voters understand where candidates’ loyalties lie, and what interests they have represented and advanced in the past.


  1. Erika Harold received her bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and her JD from Harvard Law School. Since her graduation in 2007, she has practiced law with Sidley Austin LLP, Burke, Warren, MacKay & Sarritella P.C., and currently, Meyer Capel. Additionally, she has served on the Illinois Supreme Court Committee on Equality, the Illinois Supreme Court Committee on Professionalism, and the Trinity International University Board of Regents. She advocates for criminal justice reform and an expansion of educational opportunities for students interested in law and government.
  2. Gary Grasso received his bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University and his JD from Fordham University Law School. His professional experience includes serving as a member of the Dupage County Board and serving as mayor of Burr Ridge, Illinois from 2005 to 2012. Additionally, he has thirty-nine years of experience as a litigator. He supports greater restrictions on government, rooting out election fraud, and fighting the opioid crisis by punishing pharmaceutical companies and educating young people.

Bottom Line

A two person race, the Republican Attorney General nominee is up for grabs. For more information, we encourage readers to check out these sources:

Poll: Republican race for attorney general a dead heat | News-Gazette …

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Alexandra C. Price

Alexandra Price is a third-year History and Russian Eastern European Studies double major particularly interested in the Cold War and modern developments in the former Eastern Bloc. As the 2016 recipient of the Gate's annual Reporting Grant, she spent a summer in Germany reporting on refugee integration in Berlin. When she's not writing for the Gate, Alexandra loves to study foreign languages, read, and take long bike rides around the city.


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