Introducing: Rxeform

 /  Oct. 27, 2013, 4:49 p.m.


Anna StapletonSynopsis: With the national spotlight on Obamacare, there is no better time to learn about health care. What the health care system should look like and how it should be financed are questions of heated and righteous contention, but not new ones. The pitched political battles being played out in the headlines are rooted in broader visions of what an ideal health care system looks like and, importantly, what the government’s role in that system should be. By building historical context for both the policy and political sides of the current debate, I hope to encourage readers to consider their own vision for health care beyond Obamacare.

Anna Stapleton is a policy fellow at the Illinois Health Insurance Marketplace and aspiring healthcare wonk. She is in her fourth year at the University of Chicago studying sociology and biology.

Anna Stapleton


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