Responses to the Fourth GOP Debate

 /  Nov. 25, 2015, 11:34 a.m.


On Tuesday, November 10th, the GOP's presidential candidates faced off for a fourth time in Milwaukee. Below are responses from members of College Republicans.


Matthew Foldi

After an extremely solid third debate performance, Senator Marco Rubio once again finished on top in the fourth Republican debate. He managed to both effectively lay out his vision for a strong foreign policy agenda and parry the attacks that were lobbed his way.

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Josh Parks

The lights were bright in Milwaukee for the fourth Republican debate, but this time, it wasn’t just a show. The debate, presented by the Wall Street Journal and Fox Business, was the substantive debate we’ve been begging for: full of tough, relevant questions pertaining to the issues the American people face today. For the fourth time in four debates, the Manhattan real estate magnate held his presence at the center podium. Overall, the night lacked the fireworks that Trump supporters and the media live for; however, unlike Chris Christie and the three other undercard debaters, controversy still found a way to get on the prime time stage Tuesday evening.

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Michael Vasiliou

With this debate, we seem to have found a kind of middle ground, where candidates have the opportunity to present their policy differences while they are sheltered from political attacks. The distinct focus on policy altered the ebb and flow of the debate and, thus, it was difficult to clearly delineate the winners from the losers.

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