Scenes from the Inauguration: A Photo Essay

Photojournalist Luke Sironski-White traveled to Washington, DC with a group of Gate reporters to cover the inauguration of President Donald Trump. His photos – featured below – capture scenes on the ground from January 20th and provide a window into the people, the politics, and the passions of that historic day in America.

A man on his phone before the Inaugural Parade.


Soldiers eat lunch next to a security check for the Inaugural Parade.


Portrait of a man with a Donald Trump scarf.


Anti-Black Lives Matter protest.


A vendor shows customers a calendar featuring a portrait of the First Family.


A couple helps each other put on their shoes.


Two soldiers stand on a corner, morning of the inauguration.


Two women in fur coats on their phones before the inauguration.


A man laughs after reading a “Trump that Bitch!” shirt.


A woman laughs as a vendor shows her a “Hillary sucks, but not like Monica!” shirt.


Two kids sit on a pillar after the inauguration.


Portrait of a Trump supporter, after the inauguration.


Trash collected on a stone.


Vendor selling Donald Trump buttons.


Two boys sleeping after the inauguration.


The Washington Monument after the inauguration.


Vendors selling pro-Trump shirts.


Four boys wait in line at the Liberty Ball, after the inauguration.


Riot police stand watch over a limo that was burned out by Black Bloc protesters.


A woman stands near the protests happening after the inauguration.


“Pigs” written on the back of a military vehicle.