David Axelrod Reporting Grant

The Gate is pleased to announce the establishment of the David Axelrod Reporting Grant. As the founder and director of the University of Chicago Institute of Politics, author of a best-selling memoir, host of a critically acclaimed podcast, and a former political writer, columnist and City Hall bureau chief of the Chicago Tribune, Axelrod is devoted to elevating the quality of journalism on this campus and beyond.

Congratulations to Dylan Wells, the recipient of the inaugural David Axelrod Reporting Grant! This grant allowed her to pursue reporting opportunities in California along the I-5 Corridor this summer.

“On the Track: Sexual Exploitation along the I-5 Corridor” tells the story of Robin Miller, a survivor of sex trafficking. She spent six years of her life being trafficked along the I-5 corridor, from Portland to San Francisco to Las Vegas and back. After spending months interviewing Miller, nonprofit leaders, and politicians, Dylan Wells recounts the experience of a woman forced into prostitution against her will.

Read about Dylan’s journey here. Additionally, we are pleased to announce that the David Axelrod Reporting Grant will continue for the 2016-2017 school year. Please check back in the Spring 2017 for further application details. In the meantime, brainstorm projects and come write for us!